~About us~

Grizzly Wolf Games is a two-person team from the US. We have been playing video games since the early 90's, so it has always been a passion of ours. It is our hope to capture the fun we enjoyed as kids and share it with the next generation. Whatever your age, thank you for your interest in our games.

We have been honing our craft as a company since 2012 and have other titles in the works. Our main heart project has been in the works for 1 1/2 years, but we felt it was too large of a project for the two of us at this time. Currently it is on hiatus until we have a good foundation of smaller projects to support its development and to make it really shine.

Flight of the Paladin was created as a PC game which was inspired by the old arcade shooters which were very precise in controls and very sensitive to input. This game is a love-letter to the genre we grew up on. The art style was an attempt to capture the beauty of the low-poly look which we are both big fans of. We are very satisfied with the outcome and can't wait for you to get the chance to play!

We hope to continue to release more interesting games in the future! Follow us on Facebook for updates and news on future titles: HERE


Adam Fiedler - Programmer, Designer, Writer, Gamer

Stacie Fiedler - 2D/3D Artist, Designer, Web Dev, Gamer

Latest News

Oct 23, 2015

Steam Release

Flight of the Paladin is now available on Steam!

Sept 15, 2015

PC - Greenlight

Flight of the Paladin Has been Greenlit!